Quentin Mirioni

Pipeline TD | 3D generalist

I'm a pipeline TD and 3D generalist artist specialized in the technical aspects of Film production.

New technologies enthusiast, I love developing tools and set up the best possible environment for talented artists.
My previous roles as an artist in the making of animated tv shows and feature films allow me to come up with innovative solutions to suit the needs of any production.


  • Tools and pipeline development
  • Knowledge of the differents stages of a CGI production
  • Shotgrid integration into the production pipeline
  • Advanced knowledge of Maya & Nuke APIs
  • Renderfarm management & configuration
  • Experienced animatic editor and layout/previs artist


  • Python
  • Shell script
  • Git (Gitlab, Github)
  • PySide
  • Docker
  • Django (HTML, CSS, JS)
  • C++, Kotlin (basic)


  • Maya (Arnold, Yeti, 3Delight/Maneki)
  • Nuke
  • Shotgrid
  • PyCharm, Sublime
  • Royal Render
  • Adobe Suite
  • Storyboard pro